FREE CANCELLATION before 1 April 2021
Here are the advantages of Vacanze col Cuore

Free rebooking

By April 1st 2021 you can rebbook free of charge your booking and choose other holiday dates and destinations within the Vacanze col Cuore group.
The new booking is subject to availability and may be subject to price changes.

Money back guarantee

If you cancel your booking before April 1st 2021 made with Vacanze col Cuore, you will receive a refund of the deposit paid.
No Voucher will be issued.

Book your holiday without worries

Book your Glamping holiday in a resort or camping village of Vacanze col Cuore; you can cancel your reservation free of charge by April 1st 2021


Spottyland is a covered playground, designed with attention in order to entertain our little friends. Slides, little houses, playground swings, lego and lots of other games. All of this is inside Vallicella Glamping Resort. The house of Spotty it’s wifi covered and this can allow you to browse while your kids are enjoying with the Spottyland attractions in Vallicella Glamping Resort!

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