Air conditioning with climacard system

We at Vacanze col Cuore have always promoted a green and eco-friendly holiday style, encouraging greater responsibility towards the environment and increasing awareness of energy consumption. We have therefore installed the climacard in our mobile homes, a system that will help you moderate and control consumption during your glamping holiday.

What is the climacard?

It is a rechargeable card that is used for the management of air conditioning systems in tourist facilities. On the inside are time credits that you must use to activate the air conditioning in your accommodation. This system meets the requirements of sustainability and energy saving, allowing guests to reduce waste without giving up relaxation and comfort.

What is the duration of the service?

From 1 June until 30 September, when you check in at our reception you will be given a climacard for using the air conditioning. We will then charge it with the usable running time for your stay: included in the booking costs, you will have 8 hours per day multiplied by the duration of your stay. For example, for a one-week stay you will have a total of 56 hours to use freely over the entire holiday (8 hours x 7 nights = 56 hours).

How does it work?

To use the service, simply insert the card (with the chip facing upwards) into a handy reader located next to the air conditioning split. By switching on the air conditioner, the climacard will progressively discharge of the loaded time (counting the minutes) until it is empty.

In case of need, you can also recharge the card at the reception of our facilities at a cost of 0.75€ per hour.

What are the advantages of the climacard?

The advantages and benefits of this new system are many. Below are some of them:

  •     raises guests' awareness and responsibility for environmental sustainability;
  •     spreads greater awareness of waste;
  •     it provides the end customer with all the benefits and comforts they need;
  •     limits the use of air conditioners, resulting in economic savings due to lower energy consumption;
  •     ensures lower costs for maintenance and servicing of air conditioning equipment.
  Choose accommodation with the climacard service for your next glamping holiday and help us promote a more respectful, conscious and sustainable tourism!